Eadon Green

“Eadon Green has one very simple objective.
To design and produce cars built upon passion!”


Felix Eaton


I knew from the start that my car would need an identity and, as the name Eaton was already taken, I chose the name Eadon and added my grandmother’s maiden name, Green. My grant of Arms from the Royal College of Arms forms the centrepiece of the Eadon Green identity, making the the Eadon Green badge very personal to me.


Eadon Green has the creative drive to imagine cars as objects of beauty and desire, and we seek to turn this inspiration and passion into tangible world class motor vehicles, both at home on the road and in motoring museums and collections.


Our partnership with world class Coventry coach builders means that you can be certain that Eadon Green cars are built using modern manufacturing techniques, combined with the skills of traditional coach building.


The unique structure of Eadon Green allows us to design exceptional individual cars with engineering integrity that is equal to the best production cars anywhere in the world.

Each and every car will be tailored, personalized to its owner and, with limited production numbers, an absolutely unique piece of art is guaranteed.