ZECLAT is low, wide, curvaceous and beautiful, and employs simple and elegant lines to create a stunning body shape in a style reminiscent of the aero cars created in the 1930s by famous French coach builders, such as Figoni & Falaschi, Bugatti, Chapron, and PourTout.



ZECLAT may owe its inspiration to the Art Deco period but, by pairing an aluminium and carbon-nano-composite panelled chassis from the white heat of today’s technology, with a lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre bodyshell, ZECLAT is a thoroughly modern masterpiece.



The traditional “T-Shape” dashboard puts the ZECLAT driver firmly in charge of the driving dynamics, satnav, telephone, and heating/cooling ventilation. The cabin is dressed in hand stitched leather from Britain’s finest hides, together with carbon fibre or piano black fascia, and finished with polished aluminium detail work.


With its engine nestling at the back of the engine bay, installed into a rigid aluminium frame with carbon-nano-composite under-body panels, ZECLAT has a near 50/50 weight distribution end an enhanced power-to-weight ratio. With performance traction management, electronic limited-slip differential and launch control, ZECLAT connects its power to the ground with great precision.


Vehicle Type: GT Sports Coupe
Seats: 2
Engine: V8 6.2 litre
Transmission: Automatic 8 Speed
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
0-60 mph: 3.6 seconds
Top Speed: 155mph
Power: 466PS@6000
Torque: 628Nm@4600
Induction: Naturally Aspirated
Fuel: Petrol
CO2 Emissions: 284g/km
UK MPG: 19.2/30.0 urban/extra-urban
Length: 4847
Height: 1234
Width: 1967
Wheelbase: 2710
Front Track: 1600
Rear Track: 1567
Suspension: Double Wishbone + Magnetic Ride Control
Weight: 1824kg

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, one of the most talked about cars was the Eadon Green Zeclat


At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, one of the most talked about cars was Eadon Green Zeclat. Now, after a few months it has been enthralling people on the streets of Monaco. One glimpse at Eadon Green Zeclat and everyone can realize that custom body resembles that of French coachbuilders in the year 1930s. The interior of Eadon Green Zeclat has Vette’s driver-oriented cabin. It is dressed in leather, carbon fiber, polished aluminum and glossy black trim. Driver will benefit from the head-up display and smartphone connectivity.

Eadon Green Zeclat is the 460-HP Coupe A Bond Villain Would Drive


The company Eadon Green made a name for itself at last year’s Geneva Motor Show with the Rolls-Royce-based Black Cuillin. Like the Morgan Aero 8, and others before it, the Black Cuillin featured a retro body built atop a modern frame. But Eadon Green has returned to Geneva in 2018 – this time with a vehicle far sportier than its predecessor. Dubbed the Zeclat, the retro-tastic coupe shares a number of visual cues with the previous Black Cuillin, but rides on the same platform as a C7 Corvette Grand Sport. That means there’s a high- powered VB hiding somewhere underneath that carbon fiber body. The Zeclat puts down the same 460 horsepower (343 kilowatts) and 465 pound-feet (630 Newton-meters) of torque you’ll find on the Corvette.

Eadon Green’s Zeclat Supercar Fit for a Modern Day Al Capone


As if rolling off of the set of a 1930s gangster movie, this stunning and original auto stood out from other supercars at the 2018 Geneva International Auto Show. Eadon Green’s new retro-style coupe, called the Zeclat, was inspired by auto styles popular all the way back in the 1930s. The Zeclat is based on the Corvette C7 grand Sport and aims for a perfect combination of vintage style as well as modern technologies and power.